Thursday, January 17, 2013

Goodbye, Houston!

     I'm leaving Houston and heading to San Antonio today!  My last day out in Houston yesterday was a great one! I got to see a sweetie named Benny under a bridge that I had met once before. And I just handed out some stuff downtown. Then last night I went to Montrose Street Reach, which is a really cool outreach for the homeless and poor. It's in a parking lot and there's food, a raffle, clothes, and a sermon for anyone that wants to come. I helped sort the clothing for the first half, and the second half I got to hang out with the kids in the childcare area, which was super fun!
     The day before yesterday was good, too. Right before I headed home, I got to see Teresa, one of the first people I met in Houston! She was kind of timid, but she was such a sweet heart, and she really was beautiful! I was so glad I got to see her again and got to stock her up on warm clothes. After we parted, I got in my car and started fiddling around with my GPS, and she started walking down the street. She got almost to the end of the street and then turned around and started walking back toward me. I rolled down my window and asked if she needed anything else. She said, "No, I just couldn't remember your name!" It was the sweetest thing! I really love these people, they make me so happy!
       So my time in Houston has been great! God has taught me so much this week and He's just showing me how to see Him working in every situation, even if things aren't the way that I would have planned them. He is so good, and everyday I'm overwhelmed with His love and the way that He's blessing me with this journey.

This is the Montrose Street Reach
And me with the cute kiddos!
This little goofball, Elizabeth, kept me busy! By the way, "juice" is not the best smiling for a picture word, hence her not looking ready for the picture. I think saying cheese works better haha.

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