Thursday, January 24, 2013

Adios, San Antonio!

    Today was my last day in San Antonio, and it was an amazing one! I got to say goodbye to most of the friends that I've made, it was just an all around joyful day!
    I got to have a tour of a shelter called Haven for Hope today! It was really cool  and so different from any other shelter. It's kind of everything they would need all in one place. It was really good for me to get to see that place, it got me thinking about possibilities of what I'd like to do some day. I really would just love to have a huge house and a huge van and be able to just go around and pick up all the homeless people I could find and let them live with me!
     After I left Have for Hope, I went to Travis Park and got to spend some time with some of my buddies there for the last time! It was really cool, because I walked up to this group and was handing out sandwiches and socks, and before I could even get to offering Bibles, one girl, Dana, saw Bibles in my purse and asked if she could have one. Then they all started asking for Bibles and they were so excited! It made me so happy how happy they were about getting Bibles! Then I got to pray with all of them, which was so cool. They were just great, fun people! I had been seeing a few of them consistently through the week, so it was really good to get to spend time with them and say goodbye before I left.
My Travis Park buddies, Rachael, Baton Rouge, Rex, Bama, Maria, Dana, Precious, Teddy, and Kev!

    I got to meet a new friend today, Billy! He was so funny! He gave me some tips on how to make my mission statement sound cooler hahaha. He was such a joy!

     Right before I left, I got to meet sweet Pam! She was one of the happiest people I've ever met! When I left her, I walked away rubbing my cheeks because they hurt from smiling so much! She was so funny and so full of joy! She actually is friends with Brenda, one of the sweet ladies I met earlier this week. Pam's bus came soon after I sat down to talk with her, but even our short time was such a blessing! She told me to "Keep spreadin the love in the S. A.!"

     I also got to see sweet John twice today! I saw him the most this week because he always sits on the same bench in the same park, whereas a lot of people move around throughout the day. Today I got to sit with him and bond with him over pigeons! Before I said my last goodbye to him, we prayed together which was really sweet. After he said he was feeling better:) I also got to say goodbye to Emilio right before I left, the goofball that told me I should adopt him. He's so funny! And he's fully convinced that I am going to move to San Antonio so I can come see him in the park every day. I wish I could see everyone I've met on this whole trip everyday!
    Today was an awesome ending to my awesome time in San Antonio. It was such a joyful week! I love this journey!

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