Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Far from bored, full of joy!

     I am having such a blast in San Antonio! I've been going to pretty much the same spots every day and I get to see the same people over and over. It's really fun when I walk into the park and I've befriended most of the people there! Just hanging out with these guys makes my day!
    Here are a couple of my friends. They crack me up, they call themselves the "high class homeless" because they won't go more than a day without a shower, which is pretty hygienic for a housed person, if you ask me! The guy on the left has actually only been homeless for about ten days now. He's really working at getting a job and a place to stay. The other night, he got beat up because a guy asked him for a cigarette and he said he didn't have any. That's really crazy, but he wasn't hurt too bad! I got to see these guys a lot and talk with them for a long time.  They were really funny and sweet! I love how in a situation that would make most people depressed, they stay positive, try to improve their situation, and have lots of laughs along the way!

    This is my buddy Emilio! He is so hilarious! And so sweet! Every time I see him, he tells me I need to stay in San Antonio. Today he asked me if I would adopt him so he could be my son. It was so cute, I wish I could! I wish I could adopt all these sweeties and have a huge house and just fill it up with all my homeless friends! I'm so blessed by each of them that I meet, they make me feel like my heart is going to burst!

     Apart from my time with my homeless friends, God has just been completely rocking my life with His goodness. Stuff comes up that would have derailed me without Jesus, but I have such a steady supernatural peace and joy through it all. Things that would have caused me to question God now cause me to lean on Him even more. I'm so in love, it's crazy! And today was a special day because my host works at Sea World, so I got to pet a dolphin and a sea lion and feed a walrus! It was so cool and fun, and such a special bonus blessing for this animal lover! I wish anyone that thinks life with God is boring would just come join me, they'd change their mind quick! I'm so far from bored and so full of joy!

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