Saturday, September 15, 2012

I'm going to miss my friends!

     Today was such a good day! I'm so full of God's love, it's amazing! The day started with me handing out a few sandwiches. Then I went to Nashville Rescue Mission for Women to serve lunch. There were a few other volunteers there that serve once a month with a women's group from their church. They asked me about what I was doing, and when I told them, they were so supportive and encouraging! They said they were my "Nashville cheerleaders"! They were so sweet, and it was such a blessing to get to serve with them today.
My Nashville cheerleaders and me:
I also got to talk with Ms. Roxy, a woman who works there, and she was a sweet encouragement for my day, too!
          After I left the Women's Mission, I headed to my usual spot downtown, but as usual, couldn't find anywhere to park. I feel like my motto of Nashville should be, "When you can't find parking, just keep driving." Everytime I have trouble parking, it's because God wants to take me somewhere better than where I had planned on going! Today, He took me to hang out with my friends from ENCM! When I gave up on finding a parking spot, I decided to head towards the Nazarene Church, because I remembered Juan saying that they hung out in that area sometimes. When I got to the church, I saw some people hanging out in a parking lot across the street, so I drove over to offer them food. When I pulled up, I realized they were my friends! So I got to just sit and hang out with them for a bit, it was really sweet! Once again, I was glad there was no available parking!
My friends Jerry, Country, Shannon, and one of their buddies (Juan took the picture). And you can see John Brown's legs! He was asleep

      After I hung out with them for a while, I went back to my usual spot downtown to find more hungry people. As I was walking, I saw a guy sprawled out asleep. I could tell he was really tired (yeah, it sounds obvious because he was sleeping, but I could tell that he wasn't just sleepy, he was worn out from life) and hungry, so while he was asleep, I put a Bible and sandwich by his stuff. That's my favorite! Blessing people when they can't see me, it's the best! That way they don't get distracted by the messanger, all they see is the message. And I can just imagine him waking up and having a Bible and food, not knowing where it came from other than God. It's so awesome! When I walked back to my car, I saw him, and he was sitting up. From the way he's sitting, it looks like he could either be sleeping while sitting up, just sitting, or praying. But I believe he was praying!
     This journey has been so amazing so far! God shows Himself in every situation. On this trip, He's been my comfort, my guide, my home, my constant friend, my protector, my peace! I feel so amazingly blessed by this trip and all the beautiful people I'm meeting. They really are my friends! I can't even express how full my heart is!
      Oh, and just a random awesome part of my every day while in Nashville is the fact that I get to see God show off His beauty every ride to and from downtown. This picture doesn't do it justice at all, but I'm surrounded by mountains on my drive every morning and night. God wouldn't let me forget how awesome He is if I tried!

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  1. If only everyone could learn to view obstacles or changes in plans to be something better from God!