Sunday, September 16, 2012


     Today God's been completely reviving my soul! I didn't think I could feel any more alive, but God proved me wrong! This morning I went to Grace Center. That experience was beyond words! I seriously wouldn't have been surprised if God pulled an Enoch and took me straight to Heaven right in the middle of that worship service. I got there at 9:30 and left at 1:45, and I wasn't bored for a second! Within that time, there was an hour of soaking, an hour and fifteen minutes of worship that felt like twenty minutes maximum, an hour and a half long sermon, and half an hour of prayer and getting lost in God's presence. It was so amazing and so refreshing!
       After that, I went to serve at the Women's Rescue Mission for the last time.
       It's so crazy that today was my last full day in Nashville! Tomorrow morning I head to Chattanooga! This first week has been so amazing and full of love, I can't even describe this feeling. What I'm doing, in the natural, would make me feel like I'm pouring myself out to the point of feeling drained. But I serve a supernatural God and He's giving me peace beyond understanding, and I'm completely saturated by His love. He continues to pour His love on me so that what I give to others is just an overflow of my endless supply of my Father's love. I don't have any less love or joy because of what I'm doing, because I don't just have love and joy. I am love and joy, because Jesus is love and joy and He lives in me. You can't have less of something that you don't possess. When we allow Jesus to completely take over our hearts, we don't possess love, we ARE love. I just keep falling deeper in love with my God as He shows me more of Himself. And I'm so glad He chose me to take on this journey. I am beyond blessed! Go soak in His presence, He adores you!

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  1. I'm sure one of the reasons He chose you is because of your beautiful ability to express all that you are experiencing in writing! Thank you for letting others go on your journey with you!