Saturday, March 9, 2013

Las Vegas

    I'm in Las Vegas! I got here on Thursday night. Yesterday was my first day out, and it was really rainy throughout the day, so it was harder to find people. But today I found a great spot! It is a little area near the highway where homeless are camped out. The people I met today weren't very eager to talk. They were nice, but they seemed pretty closed off to hanging out and talking. I'm hoping that tomorrow when I go back, they'll recognize me and maybe be more open. Either way, I was glad to have helped them!
  Since I don't have too much exciting to write about since I didn't really get to talk in depth with anybody, I'll just write down a prayer I wrote that's kind of a theme of this year, or really my life in general.
    "In the midst of my busyness, may I never lose sight of my desperate need for you.
In my service of others, may I never fall for the illusion that I alone can change their lives.
May I never step out of your Presence as I step into the dark places of the world.
May I never focus more on the corruption, sadness, and sickness I see
Than the One who brings peace, joy, and heals every disease.
You, God, are what this is all about.
So as I'm stopping for the one,
May I never forget the One who stopped for me."
    I've been staying in the awareness lately of how He's really what it's all about. I'm no good without Him, and I'm so lost without Him. I joyfully forfeit my independence to live yolked to Jesus. It's so much better!

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