Monday, March 11, 2013


    Yesterday was such an amazing day! The people I met were really open! I was so excited, since the two days before nobody really wanted to talk.
    The first person I met that I got to really talk with was Michelle. She was super sweet and positive. She told me about her two older daughters and how she's pregnant now. She is pregnant with child from getting raped. She told me about how she didn't feel like she could keep the baby due her situation, but she also knew she couldn't abort it, so she's giving it up for adoption. Whenever I meet mothers who chose to keep the baby even though the circumstances are bad, I'm so proud of them and their bravery in not aborting! It's easy to make a pro-life or pro-choice stance when you've never been in the position to make the choice, but I'm sure it's a lot different to actually have to chose. So I think it's so beautiful and brave when women chose not to abort their baby even with the circumstances would make most people tell them that abortion was acceptable and better. It's also really cool, because she actually knows the family that is adopting her baby. There is a woman that comes out to the park that Michelle stays in and she feeds and helps the homeless people out every once in a while. She and her husband had been trying to have a child, but couldn't. So that family is going to adopt Michelle's baby. It's so cool the way God can work bad things into something beautiful. Because of the servant's heart of that woman to help the homeless, she met Michelle. And through meeting Michelle, her and her  husband get the joy of helping a mother and a child by adopting her baby. And Michelle gets the joy of knowing that her baby is going to a good, Christian home like she wanted, and she also will get to see the child. It was just a really cool story, and it was awesome to see the way that Michelle didn't let bad circumstances ruin her life or attitude. She stayed positive and happy and made the best out of everything. Michelle was such a beautiful person!
    Then I got to hang out with Brady! Brady saw me handing out sandwiches and Bibles and asked if he could have a Bible. After we talked for a while, he told me that the past few days he had actually been praying for a Bible. He was an alcoholic, which really go him to where he is now, but he's been sober a few days! And he thought having a Bible would help him stay sober. I'm so glad God provided him with a Bible, and I just pray God brings it to life for him and they become so much more than just words on a page or a method of good living for him. I know Holy Spirit can do that and just keep breathing life into Brady's heart! I got to highlight some of my favorite scriptures in his Bible, too! It was awesome, and as I was leaving, I turned around and saw him already having the Bible opened and reading it. That always makes my heart smile! Brady showed such a determination to get himself to a better place. He's had a few bumps in the road because he lost his id and social security card, which makes it nearly impossible for the homeless to better their situation. Even though he has a lot of obstacles, I can tell by his spirit that Brady isn't going to be homeless forever. I just pray that God gives Brady a deeper understanding of grace. That he really understand that God loves him and hears him right where he is. I'm excited to get to see Brady again today! He talked about how Christians have a "God-shine" and you can tell if a person knows God by just looking at them. And I know God so wants to give him that God-shine that's available to everyone! When Brady really gets who God is and what His heart is like, and when he gets that God wants to live in him and he lets Him, people are going to come to him asking what's making him shine!

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