Thursday, February 7, 2013

Skid Row Sweeties!

     I leave Los Angeles tomorrow! I've loved meeting the beautiful people of skid row and getting to know them all! I will miss the people! It's a tough city to be in because it seems that almost everyone here is hurting in a visible way, whether they're aware or not. But it's been a good week! One thing I really love about the people that I meet out is how protective they are! They always make sure to tell me to be careful, and that nobody's gonna mess with me while they're around. It's just sweet and makes me happy! I love them! Another stragne thing about my time in LA is how everyone warned me about how careful I need to be on skid row, but really, I was more comfortable there than I was in the rest of the city. Not in terms of safety, but I just was happier there and would rather be with them then just on my own exploring the city. They're awesome, welcoming people. In a city that seems so attractive to outsiders, the people of skid row were by far the high light of my week.
     This is me and Lamar! Lamar was so funny and loved to talk! We talked a lot about school and interests. He was really sweet and funny

This is me with Gary Lewis! Gary is hilarious! He's very opinionated, which always makes me laugh. And he loves feeding the pigeons! It sounds strange, but it's really easy to bond with people when you're pigeon watching. Maybe that's just me hahah.

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